Sunday, April 21, 2013

Colquhouns mentioned in Montrose Society article

This is from an article published in Venture Faire (Issue No. 17 December 2012) published by The 1st Marquis of Montrose Society . International membership is available from the Society. 

 Montrose's Sisters: An Account by Phinella Henderson

"In June 1620 her[Lilias (1596 -1650) was the eldest daughter of John, fourth Earl of Montrose]

  marriage contract with Sir John Colquhoun of Luss was signed. Colquhoun, the sixteenth laird of Colquhoun and eighteenth of Luss, must have appeared a very suitable choice. The Colquhoun lands in Dunbartonshire were close to Graham lands and Sir John was about the same age as Lilias. He had just returned from his Grand Tour of Europe which had included time in Heidelberg, where he may have acquired his manservant, the apparently unsavoury Thomas Carlippis. The couple were married on 6 July 1620 at Mugdock near Glasgow; Lilias had a dowry of £10,000. Colquhoun was created a baronet of Nova Scotia in August 1625. Over the years they had six children; John, James, Alexander, Jean, Lilias and Catharine...." The rest of the article is here: